HS | Humanity can't put climate change on pause

October 6, 2023 Greencode

"It took 40 years to decrease the manufacturing cost of solar panels enough to make it profitable. This time, we don't have 40 years to wait until new technology scales."

Greencode was featured in Finland's leading newspaper Helsingin Sanomat on October 6th. 

The urgency and importance of new solutions have reached a new, more strategic level due to the geopolitical situation in Europe. It's not just about combatting climate change. "We are also talking about the preservation of industrial jobs, energy safety & independence and self-sufficiency of critical minerals in Europe" describes Kaisa Hietala. 

Although high interest rates make investments overall more difficult, now is a good time to invest in the sector. As startup funding faced a significant decrease in other industries this year, energy sector has not seen a similar drop. 

Read the full article on Helsingin Sanomat. (Article in Finnish)


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