Business Class | Pulling together for green transition

April 8, 2024 Greencode

Terhi Vapola Greencode

"The climate change has come to a point where there is simply no time left for waiting. On the other hand, the 9 200 billion euros that are annually needed in climate solutions create a significant business opportunity for many."

"While green transition seems to be running with two engines, the secret to success lies in the ability to ensure that they are pulling towards the same direction."

Greencode's Terhi Vapola was interviewed for the Business Class Spring 2024 edition about Greencode and its role in fighting climate change.  She highlighted the urgency to act fast, and the need to combine both technology and capital to accelerate the transition. 

"From the planet’s point of view, the time to act is right now. Green transition requires big things on a short notice, which translates into significant investments in scalable technologies."

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