The green transition VC.

We are too late for scaling new tech.

Except for software.

Software solutions significantly accelerate green transition by reducing emissions, saving resources and adding value.

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We invest in digital-first green transition startups from seed to series A+ in Europe.

We bring a proven track record of investing in, and operating companies with unparalleled substance-matter expertise in energy, transport, sustainability, and digital ecosystems.


ZeroMission, the portfolio company of Greencode Ventures, has successfully raised € 2,8M seed investment. 

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Spring is in the air, and that means we've got a series of great events lined up for the next few months. It's going to be an exciting season full of...

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As a green transition expert, Kaisa Hietala holds positions in some of the world's most influential corporate boards. At the same time, she is...

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We are excited to announce our recent investment in Southern Lights, a Swedish start-up that is digitizing the green hydrogen space. Leading their...

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