The green transition VC.

We are too late for scaling new tech.

Except for software.

Software solutions significantly accelerate green transition by reducing emissions, saving resources and adding value.

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We invest in digital-first green transition startups from seed to series A+, primarily in Europe & Israel. 

We bring a proven track record of investing in, and operating companies with unparalleled substance-matter expertise in energy, transport, sustainability, and digital ecosystems.


Days are getting dark and the air is turning cold in Finland, which means Slush is right around the corner.

You can meet the Greencode team at...

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"It took 40 years to decrease the manufacturing cost of solar panels enough to make it profitable. This time, we don't have 40 years to wait until...

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Recently, we had the privilege to announce that we are backing Supercritical - a cutting-edge marketplace for carbon removal. Let's take a look at...

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"Time is running out to move the needle on carbon emissions. According to the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change...

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